July 17, 2014

Top Cow Reviews: Aphrodite IX/Cyberforce #1

AIXCF001Aphrodite IX/Cyberforce #1
Publisher: Top Cow
Writer(s): Matt Hawkins & Joey Cruz
Artist(s): Stjepan Sejic & Carlos Rodriguez
Cover: Stjepan Sejic

There’s been an ongoing connection between Cyberforce and Aprhodite IX ever since Top Cow relaunched the two titles. Now, all of those little hints and teasers have come together here while also wrapping up the events of the Aphrodite IX series. However, as Hawkins ties a bow on one end he is also setting us up for an entirely new adventure in another direction that just takes you deeper into the rabbit hole that is the Top Cow Universe!

Hawkins disposes of the formulaic process that most crossovers have, and instead delivers a centuries spanning story that shows us what’s to come. So the good guys won’t be fighting each other for most of the issue before realizing they should have teamed up earlier. This was a very welcome shift and allows for more of a focus on the story than just giving Sejic a reason to wow us with splash pages of action. The story itself moves at a great pace, seamlessly shifting from action, to sci-fi thriller, to drama. Hawkins has also worked another Artifact into this distant future which was an even bigger surprise than when the Coin of Solomon was introduced into this era. The coin is also featured in a back up story by Joey Cruz and Carlos Rodriguez that gives a little insight into its workings. It’s a quick little read that is worth checking out, as well.

The book is also another great piece of visual work from Sejic. He keeps the look exciting even when it’s just Mother explaining events of the last few hundred years to Aphrodite IX. Though when the team goes to locate Hephaestus IX he cranks it up a few notches. From the artwork itself to the dynamic panel layouts where one sequence shows Ares IX going from cocky to worried while going up against their unknown foe. He also gives the cliffhanger a powerful kick that immediately makes you eager for what Hawkins has next in store for you!

Hawkins also provides some more insight into the story at the end much like with his Think Tank series. This little bonus is quite welcome, and there’s even a Cyberforce and Aphrodite IX publication timeline for those who are interested. Aphrodite IX/Cyberforce is not only a great issue, but seems to be laying the groundwork for something even bigger for the Top Cow Universe!

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