July 13, 2014

Kickstarter Spotlight: Dave Cockrum’s Futurians

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Written by: Billy
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In 1983, Marvel Comics published an idea from the brilliant mind of Dave Cockrum (RIP) in Marvel Graphic Novel #9 called The Futurians. This team of superheroes will likely remind you of another team Dave co-created, called The X-Men, but with a twist. This team is space-born, and has quite an interesting group of heroes. Dave took the idea to an independent publisher after being offered quite a sum of money, but it didn’t move past three issues. Dave cited in an interview that, “If I’d stayed with Marvel, we might be publishing Futurians #250 or something by now.”

Dave tragically passed away in 2006 from complications from diabetes, but his legacy lives on in the Futurians. A lost script and artwork was found, and put into a “zero” issue, and is the starting point for another story that will be made into a graphic novel, through a Kickstarter campaign, currently underway. There is still over two weeks left to grab some cool stuff depending on your pledge level (anything from digital copies of the book for $5, or even something as awesome as a signed comic book from Dave’s personal collection!).


There are still plenty of rewards out there, and even if you can only contribute $1, that’s acceptable! Times are tough, but anyone who’s a fan of Dave Cockrum’s work should at least give this a look. Consider this: Neal Adams, Walt Simonson, Bill Sienkiewicz, Andy Kubert, Adam Kubert, Mark Wheatley, and others have all contributed original artwork for this project as rewards! With that list of talent backing this project, how can you go wrong! Please give this one a look by clicking the link below!

Futurians Kickstarter

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