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June 19, 2014

Future Earth Ent. Reviews: Earth Alliance #1

EA1comicEarth Alliance #1
Publisher: Future Earth Entertainment
Writer: Raymond Fields
Artist: Marc Olivent & Rachel N. Ward
Cover: Marc Olivent & Rachel N. Ward

Nothing unites the bickering countries of the world like a common enemy. Especially when that enemy is the extraterrestrial Khutarri who are after something of immense financial value to the Somers Corporation. And with individuals on both sides of the upcoming war manipulating and jockeying for position within their respected governments, this is going to be one complicated conflict. In the midst of all of this political maneuvering, Fields introduces us to Thomas Ryan. A kid who has run out of  favors from dad and is given the choice to enlist in the military or jail. Just in time for the world to go to war.

Earth Alliance has quite a few moving parts as Fields throws you right into the conflict in the first few pages, starting with giving us a very good look at the Khutarri and how they see their role in the conflict with Earth. They’re just as politically corrupt and manipulative, but also have individuals who want to keep pushing for a peaceful resolution. This does help keep things from falling into a straight up invasion story, while giving it a bit more depth. The characters involved in the story have a wide range, but the one we get more of a look into is young Thomas Ryan. It’s a role that we’ve seen a few times before, so hopefully something about him is thrown in that helps him to stand out as the troubled youth.

The visual storytelling is nice when it comes to keeping the pace of everything and moving the events along. There were a couple of panels where a character’s face didn’t match from one to the next. Though it was rare occurrence, it is a bit distracting when you’re just meeting these characters for the first time.

All in all, Earth Alliance is a well written and pretty intricate sci-fi tale with the promise of delivering more. This is truly a labor of love from its creator, and the quality of the storytelling shown here proves just that.

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