June 17, 2014

Infinite Man & Aron Fist: Who Shot Ya?!: ‘Original Sin’ Edition! Pt 5

The eye bomb has exploded and no secret is safe in the Marvel Universe! Not ONE! Well, maybe one or two, because now that Uatu is dead who will be the resident Peeping Tom of the Marvel U? We’ll get to that later, because now we’re looking at some tie-ins and trying to recover from the cliffhanger in Original Sin #3, while letting you know what you can skip in this event!


originalsin_3_coverOriginal Sin #3
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Mike Deodato Jr.

There aren’t many comic books out there that can make me laugh out loud. This issue opens with a flashback to a conversation between The Orb and Dr. Midas that had me counting this book among those that can make me laugh. You should read this comic.

After the “eye bomb” went off, it exposed many secrets to many of our heroes. I think we’re going to get some quality tie-ins, now, to address these secrets. You should read this comic.

The last page of this issue gives us probably the biggest WTF moment of the year. Not only is this a very good event, it is a very good comic book. You should read this comic. – AF

Rating: 5/5

HOLY $#%&! Yeah, that was my reaction after reading this issue, and I won’t be spoiling anything for you if you haven’t taken a look at this issue yet. As far as everything else is concerned, Aaron continues to build this little mystery, especially when various heroes and bystanders are caught in the wave of the “eye bomb.” We find out that Stark did something to Hulk, Thor has a sister, and Luke Cage is still confused by the events of “One More Day.”

Along with the capture of the Orb, Aaron also throws another little kick in the head that lets us know that this is bigger than we thought, and even reveals a traitor among the good guys. So who is it? Well, that’s one of many questions raised here, but a big one is why didn’t Fury “see” any secrets during the explosion?

All in all the core title has been the most fun thanks to Aaron’s storytelling, and it’s all wrapped up in Mike Deodato’s eye cathing (pun intended) artwork. – IM

Rating: 4.5/5


original_sins_1_coverOriginal Sins #1
Writer(s): Nathan Edmonson, Ryan North, Stuart Moore
Artist(s): Mike Perkins, Ramon Villalobos, & Rick Geary

If you want to snag me with your cover, write these four words on it: Deathlok. Young Avengers. Lockjaw. Now that they have my attention with the cover, let’s see what the guts can do, shall we?

Deathok: Hey! Hey! I said, HEY! This ain’t my Deathlok! This ain’t Michael Collins! Who the hell is THIS guy? Oh. It’s a preview of DEATHLOK #1, coming in October. I might check it out. But will I remember this when October gets here?

Young Avengers: Hey! Hey! I said HEY! These aren’t what my Young Avengers look like! These Young Avengers aren’t drawn by Jim Cheung! These Young Avengers look like they were drawn by a very bad Michael Allred impressionist. I don’t think I like it. Or the story.

Lockjaw: Okay, now THAT’S how you do a Lockjaw solo adventure!

Overall: I was really disappointed with 2/3 of the book. Well, all but the last two pages, actually. The Young Avengers story will continue, and we’ll possibly get another two players for next issue. Don’t buy it, though. It seems to be the typical, pointless anthology tie-in book. – AF

Rating: 2/5

Anthology books really aren’t my cup of hot chocolate, but when you throw in Deathlok it’s a sure thing I’ll be there. Now this isn’t the Michael Collins Deathlok from years back. The new guy resembles the design from the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. television series, but I will say that this little preview here has definitely gotten me excited for the first issue that comes out later this year!

The Young Avengers story wasn’t too engaging for me in terms of art and story. And though the Lockjaw tale was cute, that’s all it was, and actually doesn’t make too much sense if you think about it even a little bit.

Maybe the next issue will have more to offer, but this one didn’t do a good job of wanting to make me come back and put my money down for it. – IM

Rating: 2/5


mighty_avengers_11_coverMighty Avengers #11
Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Greg Land

As I told you about Original Sin #3, our heroes each saw something when that bomb went off. Luke Cage confronts his dear ol’ dad about what he saw. Al Ewing and Greg Land are kickin’ it old school by taking us back to 1972, where Blade looks like a dork and Cage’s father looks like Shaft, to hear what James Lucas has to say.

Ewing’s story wasn’t nearly as marvelous as last issue’s was, but it held my interest and has kept me intrigued enough to follow him to next issue. Land’s art? Well, again, I really didn’t notice it was Land until a pretty blonde showed up. Isn’t that most people’s complaint about his art? The women? At least they are pretty! – AF

Rating: 3/5



DPOOL30Deadpool #30
Writer(s): Brian Posehn & Gerry Duggan
Artist: John Lucas

Don’t, people. Just…don’t. – AF

Rating: 1/5

Well, I’ve realized that the audience for this tie-in is the die hard Deadpool fans that were buying this title in the first place. I say this because the mystery concerning the whereabouts of Deadpool’s daughter was an investigation already taking place prior to the event. Posehn and Duggan didn’t need to have their story thrown in with Original Sin, but someone decided that it was necessary to slap that logo on the cover.

The humor in this story is actually better than in the last issue, and it absolutely makes sense to have Dazzler at your side when fighting vampires. Even if it’s 70s Dazzler using 80s valley girl slang, which didn’t make sense, but this is a Deadpool title so stuff doesn’t have to make sense all the time I guess.

Deadpool #30 doesn’t stack up as a tie-in to the event, however, if it was allowed to just stand on its own I might have been a bit more forgiving. – IM

Rating: 2.5/5


That wraps it up for this installment, so let us know what you think of Original Sin so far, and for more Infinite Man & Aron Fist click here!

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  1. Kristin

    1) What is an ‘eye bomb’? Is that literal?
    2) Who ISN’T confused by One More Day?
    3) Lockjaw is…the Inhumans’ dog, right?
    4) Fury didn’t see anything because, spoiler alert, he already knows all the secrets. 🙂

    • 1) Yes. It’s what’s happening in that banner pic at the top.
      2) Exactly.
      3) Correct.
      4) That’s what I was going to assume but then end of the issue happened and now we may never know. 🙁

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