May 13, 2014

Crisis of Infinite Reviews 05/07/14

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Written by: Arnab
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batman eternal 5Batman Eternal #5
Writers: Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV
Artists: Andy Clarke and Blond
Cover Artists: Andy Kubert and Brad Anderson
Publisher: DC Comics

With the series entering its second month of publishing, the story also makes a slight shift in focus. Gordon’s arrest takes a backseat as the story moves on to the Narrows, featuring heavily on Harper and Cullen Row, Vicki Vale, and Red Robin, who has recently decided to return to Gotham. The writing team does an excellent job with the start of this arc. With a weekly title, focusing on any one story is going to get tiresome fast, so it is a smart move switching focus here. After the appearance of Blue Bird, Catwoman, and Stephanie Brown as Spoiler in Batman #28, it was only a matter of time before that story line started, and it’s nice to see it sooner than later. Red Robin’s appearance in this series was also a welcomed appearance, as his distance from the Bat-Family, and accompanying titles, was a serious misstep on DC’s part. 4/5

swamp thing 31Swamp Thing #31
Writer: Charles Soule
Artists: Javier Pina and Matthew Wilson
Cover Artists: Javier Pina and Matthew Wilson
Publisher: DC

Charles Soule continues to take this title to new heights. With Alec trapped in the body of another human, a body that will soon perish, he is forced into the avatar of something he is completely unfamiliar with – The Grey. The Avatar of the Grey, of Fungus, had long since abandoned his/her duties, and instead had been living life as a human, moving from body to body. As such, the Grey’s existence had been kept in the dark from Alec. Soule does a fantastic job writing this issue. From the reveal of the Grey, to Alec using the Grey Avatar’s body to reclaim his own, the issue is beautifully paced, filled with exciting moments, and even has a nice bit of action thrown in. Equally as excellent, Jesus Saiz, with Javi Pin and Matthew Wilson, deliver a wonderfully illustrated book. Saiz has been doing a beautiful job drawing the Green and everything that encompasses, from plants to flowers, and he certainly delivers drawing the avatar of the Grey and all the fungi that Alec harnessed. 4.5/5

teen titans annual 3Teen Titans Annual #3
Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artists: Kenneth Rocafort, Tom Derenick, R.B. Silva,
Cover Artists: Kenneth Rocafor and
Publisher: DC

Given the downward spiral of this series, it is surprising to say that this final issue is actually quite decent. Harvest returns for one final showdown with the Teen Titans, and he still has a couple tricks left up his sleeve. With the series ending (and starting up again in a couple months), Scott Lobdell does a good job of wrapping everything up with a nice little bow. Harvest is dealt with, Danny returns, and Kon-El reveals that he has somehow been reborn as the herald of the Oracle, which is hopefully a sign he will be reclaiming his title from the impostor Superboy. The story is well scripted, with the emotional and humorous scenes equaling out the action scenes, giving the series a decent sendoff. The three different pencillers on the issue all do a fantastic job with it. 4/5

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