March 26, 2014

Occupy Comics Collected debuts with bonus material!

OCCUPY COMICS Collected Book Hits Comic Shops This Week
 with brand new 10-page story by Amanda Palmer and David Mack

One of the largest coalitions of socially-conscious creators in the history of comics, Occupy Comics will finally bring its complete, collected book to specialty retailers on April 1, with an advance release to comic shops on March 26.

 The 160-page book features the work of over 60 creators including Alan Moore (Watchmen, V For Vendetta), David Lloyd (V For Vendetta), Molly Crabapple (Shell Game), Art Spiegelman (Maus), Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead), J.M. DeMatteis (JLA, Spider-Man), Matt Bors (War Is Boring), Bill Ayers & Ryan Alexander-Tanner (To Teach: The Journey in Comics), Joshua Dysart (Harbinger), Mike Allred (Madman), Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night), and dozens more.

 Debuting in this collected book is a brand-new, never-before-seen 10-page story by Amanda Palmer (The Dresden Dolls) and David Mack (Kabuki, Daredevil).

 Founded by Matt Pizzolo (Godkiller) shortly after Occupy Wall Street took over Zuccotti Park in September 2011, Occupy Comics began as a means of spreading the word about Occupy at the 2011 New York Comic Con and evolved into a forum for artistic expression about the goals and themes of Occupy.

 Pizzolo and co-organizer Aaron Colter launched a Kickstarter in November 2011 to fund a comic series devoted to creating a time capsule of the Occupy movement and raising funds to support protesters. The Kickstarter campaign earned three-times its funding goal in December 2011. To this day, 100% of Occupy Comics profits are donated to Occupy-related initiatives.

 Occupy Comics issues began reaching Kickstarter backers in May 2012, and then new editions began reaching comic book stores in May 2013 through Black Mask Studios, the publisher Pizzolo co-founded with Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) and Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion) to distribute Occupy Comics and other likeminded comics. Black Mask Studios does not take any fees or profits from Occupy Comics.

 Although Occupy Comics emerged as a means to support and reflect the Occupy movement, the project developed into a unique aspect of Occupy’s ongoing evolution by presenting a chorus of voices addressing a range of issues and themes as diverse as the movement itself.

 Continuing the tradition of boldly political comics from Raw Magazine to WW3 Illustrated to V For Vendetta, Occupy Comics is already a modern classic and it’s not done yet.

“A worthy piece of the 99%’s long overdue payback.”  -Scott Thill, Wired

 One of 2013’s Best Graphic Novels -R.C. Baker, The Village Voice

“It feels real and it feels hopeful, it allows you to feel and it doesn’t do your thinking for you. It’s a comic unlike any other comic you’ll find in the shop, for now…” -Louis Falcetti, Bleeding Cool

“The support of Moore and Lloyd is notable both because of the weight they carry in the comics community, and because it was their comic, V For Vendetta, which first introduced the Guy Fawkes masks regularly worn by Occupy Wall Street protesters.”  -Clark Collis, Entertainment Weekly

“Thought-provoking, entertaining, & shockingly non-partisan.” -Brett Schenker, Graphic Policy

“Fuck this comic for being so good.” -Jamil Scalese, Comics Bulletin

[The incredible David Mack has his own Kickstarter going right now, please help spread the word: ]


 1. “General Strike”  Molly Crabapple

 4. “Occupy Milano (allievi che cantano)”  Guy Denning

 6. “Occupy Wall Street (piece of me)”  Guy Denning

 7. Foreword  Aaron Colter, December 2013

 8. Mike Allred

 9. Thank You

 13. Introduction, from “Occupy Comics #1 Kickstarter Edition”  Matt Pizzolo, May 2012

 14. “Citizen Journalist”  Ales Kot – writer  Tyler Crook – artist  Jeromy Cox – colorist

 15. “Can You See The New World Through The Teargas”  Molly Crabapple

 16. “Homestead”  Joshua Hale Fialkov – writer  Joseph Infurnari – artist

 26. “Occupy Wall Street (the revolution will not be televised)”  Guy Denning

 27. “That Which Is Most Needed”  J.M. DeMatteis – writer  Mike Cavallaro – artist

 33. Charlie Adlard

 34. Portraits of Occupy Protesters  Molly Crabapple

 36. “Single Family Home”  Matthew Rosenberg – writer  Patrick Kindlon – writer  Joe Ruff – artist  Adam Geen – colorist

 39. “Exploitation: Our Noble Tradition”  Douglas Rushkoff – writer  Dean Haspiel – artist

 40. David Lloyd

 42. “Light”  Matt Miner – writer  Sean Von Gorman – artist

 49. Riley Rossmo

 50. “Occupy”  Mark L. Miller

 53. “Detective Warlock, Warlock Detective”  Zane Grant – writer  Brea Grant – writer  Jonathan Spies – artist  Adam Fletcher – letterer

 57. Matt Bors

 64. “The One Percent Solution”  Mark Sable – writer  Megan Hutchison – artist  Thomas Mauer – letterer

 68. “A History of Nonviolence”  Caleb Monroe – writer  Theo Ellsworth – artist

 73. “Police Brutality”  Molly Crabapple

 74. Amanda Palmer & David Mack

 84. Anna Muckcracker Wieszczyk

 85. “New Thumbs”  Si Spurrier – writer  Smudge – artist  Frank Barbiere – letterer

 89. Jerem Morrow

 90. Salgood Sam

 92. David Mack

 94. “We Are All In This Together”  Molly Crabapple

 95. “Buster Brown At The Barricades”  Alan Moore

 118. Amancay Nahuelpan-Bustamante

 119. “The Green”  Patrick Meaney – writer  Eric Zawadzki – artist

 123. “Follow The Cards”  Swifty Lang – writer  Frank Reynoso – artist

 127. “Occupy Shadows”  Ronald Wimberly

 128. “Obey”  Kevin Colden

 129. “How To Be Happy”  Shannon Wheeler

 132. “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”  Guy Denning

 134. Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz

 135. Zoetica

 136. Salgood Sam

 138. “Care For All”  Molly Crabapple

 139. “Pay Attention! Be Astonished! Act!”  Bill Ayers – writer  Ryan Alexander-Tanner – artist

 141. Eric Drooker

 142. “Occupy Wall Street (bologna’s enthusiasm)”  Guy Denning

 144. “Occupy Wall Street (the lost ideal)”  Guy Denning

 145. “Casino Nation”  Joshua Dysart – writer  Kelly Bruce – writer  Allen Gladfelter – artist

 153. Art Spiegelman

 154. “Clever”  Ben Templesmith

 156. “Channel 1%”  Matt Pizzolo – writer  Ayhan Hayrula – artist

 159. “Rebuild Renew Remember”  Molly Crabapple

 160. “Occupy Wall Street (student photography project)”  Guy Denning

 Postscript  Matt Pizzolo, February 2014

 Inside Cover by Salgood Sam

 Cover by David Mack





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