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March 22, 2014

Marvel Reviews: New Avengers #15

newavengers15New Avengers #15
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Simone Bianchi
Cover: Simone Bianchi

The events in New Avengers have been a very carefully laid out story about the finality of the universe and how the Illuminati can avoid or stop it. It moves at a very different pace than the other Avengers titles, and this science fiction heavy story has evolved quite well along the way. Each issue is hinting at something huge and very bad on the horizon, as it seems as if nothing they do will result in victory against the Black Priests, Mapmakers, or the incursions themselves.

In this issue Hickman has Reed attempting to explain a certain variation and that they need to adjust their tactics if they hope to accomplish anything. Now, the dialogue is what you would expect when Reed Richards and Beast are speaking, but the great part is that Tony Stark acts as the voice of the reader at times. He’s frustrated at the long explanations and just wants someone to get to the point of it all. These moments are much welcome breaks between the immersion in all the science. The pacing is a bit slower because most of the issue is various explanations, though we are treated to a bit of action and intense moments as the issue closes out. There is one event unfolding that seems a bit forced as once again we have heroes placing two captured villains in cells right next to one another. Making it a bit too easy to hatch some plan or just make things complicated later on.

Bianchi’s artwork here is more of the same solid visual storytelling that we’ve come to expect since he’s been on the title. Though there are certain times where the look of a certain character seems a bit off, it’s nothing too drastic because his style is so unique that it somehow works. There are a few times where Beast has different looks, but I gave up on any artist sticking with whatever new look that character is given. No one sticks with it anyway. As stated earlier, there is a large portion of the book that is just conversations, and Bianchi along with Adriano Dall’Alpi’s colors keeps things from getting stagnant and boring. The guy has some great panel work, and the various close ups give a nice intensity and visual rhythm to Hickman’s narrative.

Let me say that this is not your average team book with heroes fighting the bad guys in huge, epic battles issue after issue. This actually isn’t a “team” in the traditional sense, as Hickman clearly displays throughout the series. These guys came together in secret to make the decisions that would and might cost them the respect and trust of their friends. This puts the entire group in that grey area of morality which actually helps to make them more interesting in New Avengers.

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