March 15, 2014

London Super Comic Con Exclusive Preview: Overrun!

Writer(s): Andi Ewington & Matt Woodley
Artist: Paul Green
Cover: Paul Green

If you’re lucky enough to be at London Super Comic Con this weekend, then chances are you’ll get the chance to pick up this special preview copy of Overrun! Andi Ewington and Matt Woodley drop readers into a world that’s over populated and where resources are spread thin. So with limited space and resources the powers that be decide that to stabilize the situation, many will have to be wiped out. There’s also some more sinister plans laid within as the powerful try to gain more power, as well. However, a small unassuming group of friends are caught up in the conflict along with an unsuspecting patsy, and it’s up to them to stay alive long enough to put a stop to everything.

Now, the world of Overrun takes place inside of a computer, but it shouldn’t be compared to the Matrix or even Tron. Overrun has a flavor all its own which helps to keep the story very fresh and fun, even though this is just a preview of what’s to come. Woodley and Ewington provide a great introduction that explains the roles each file type plays and their stations in society based on what they are. From MP3s to XLS Files everyone has their own look and attitude in “The City.” Once that is done the plot starts almost immediately as we’re introduced to the villain of the story, Macintosh, and we get a glimpse of what he’s planning with The Hierarchy. They seem to be running the show and making things pretty difficult for the citizens in the world of Overrun.


From a visual standpoint the book is freakin’ gorgeous! From the colors to the designs, Paul’s style is very fun to look at and provides some great story movement, as well. The character designs for the group of the video game heroes may bring a chuckle or two due to them resembling some well known characters in our own world.  And though it might be a little too soon, I’ll go ahead and say that Red Shogun is probably my favorite out of the group. Mainly because he’s a ninja, and who doesn’t like a ninja on the team? Paul’s designs for the rest of the file types are just as entertaining and imaginative, as well as the blending of real world elements and those that make up “The City,” giving it a great look.

This is only a preview of what’s to come, but Overrun looks like it’s going to be another great addition to the comic industry! Though it’s only available to those attending LSCC, hopefully this title finds its way to the States in all its glory. If you want to see more about this title I’d suggest going to to check out the trailer and more of Green’s great artwork!

Till next time!

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  1. Andi Ewington

    Good news for our cousins across the pond – Midtown comics will be stocking the LSCC preview edition 🙂

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