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March 14, 2014

Dark Horse Reviews: Ghost #2

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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Another issue of the Ghost ongoing is out! I was excited before even taking a look inside the book. Did that excitement stick around? What kind of trouble does a deal with a devil (not THE devil) get our group into? Let’s find out.

Ghost #2

Ghost #2
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writers: Kelly Sue DeConnick & Chris Sebela
Artist: Ryan Sook

The first two pages of this comic put me into immediate unease. Not in a scary movie level, but in an “oh no, people are going to be dead and all they were doing was living normal lives” kind that exists more in psychological thrillers about serial killers. Which makes sense since that’s one of the overarching mysteries. This issue has plenty of dread-filled moments when it comes to the White City Butcher, a single panel had me hissing in discomfort for what I knew was coming but would never see on the page, only in my mind.

If you wanted some action, that’s in here too, as we’re shown how impressive the powers of a ghost would be in a fight. Especially in a fight versus demons, lots and lots of demons! There was one fight I was looking forward to and it was not onscreen, which kind of bummed me out, but what I did get was fun. I wasn’t expecting action, but I liked what I got.

The art is still top notch with Sook bringing plenty of atmosphere for the scenes involving the Butcher, enough that you can practically hear the soundtrack getting eerie. Simple poses that are normal for anyone else have an aura of menace and death surrounding this killer. Anxiety-ridden pages where he would be standing in a kitchen in the dark, relaxed yet ready to kill. There’s a club scene where no two people look alike, even if they are just a tiny person in the background. I love that kind of detail, where even the silhouettes in the far back still have their own dynamic shapes.

I’m liking where the story is going and how it’s making me feel as I go along for the ride. Loving the look of it and how it floods the mood when necessary. I highly recommend this series to anyone, especially if you like horror, thrillers, action, and/or paranormal stuff. These are all things I greatly enjoy, so it’s just right for me, and if you like those things then you’ll probably like it too.

Dr. Alexander Bustos




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