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March 2, 2014

Webcomic of the Month! March: The Girl Who Married A Lion

Welcome back to Webcomic of the Month! This time around we have a comic that’s pretty short, but it’s a taste to get you wanting more. I think it does that plenty, so what am I talking about? The Girl Who Married A Lion is by Kel McDonald, and it’s a short story in a black-and-white comics anthology called Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales: Africa Edition. The book takes legends and other stories from all over Africa and has a variety of comics folks make them into sequential art.

GWMAL3Kel’s story is what happens when a woman in a village gets married, and her brother doesn’t believe it’s what it seems. The story is only eight pages long, but again, this is part of a larger anthology and this one is a sample of what kind of stories you’ll get in the book. Kel McDonald is also known for other webcomics such as Sorcery 101 and As We Were. In fact, Sorcery 101 will be a Webcomic of the Month later this year.

GWMAL5The art that Kel does has always been a favorite, it’s distinctive and welcoming for me to see, and this story lacks color and still feels vivid. I love that this story has been released so readers can have a nice feel for what kind of stories the other creators may be doing in the book. I’m definitely picking up a copy of this soon and recommend it to anyone who likes folklore.

GWMAL6This story is easily read in just a few minutes, but I hope it gets you interested in what stories reside in the rest of Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales: Africa Edition. It’s twenty dollars for 200 pages of comics done by folks like Kel McDonald, Ma’at Crook, and Faith Erin Hicks to name a few. Go check out the page up top to see all the great people involved; it looks like a lot of fun. It’s not even the only Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales book. Go check them out, they look great.

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