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February 5, 2014

AHR Visions Reviews: The Eight #0

eightThe Eight #0
Publisher: AHR Visions
Writer: Abdul H. Rashid
Artist: Abdul H. Rashid & Alexander Cutri
Cover: Adbul H. Rashid & Alexander Cutri

Someone is cutting a path of destruction and death through the UK Excalibur Base. Nothing is stopping him, but one man’s final act just might be his most important.

Several months ago we got a chance to speak with Abdul H. Rashid about his upcoming projects and his company, AHR Visions. He made several exciting revelations and bold claims concerning what we could look forward to in the first wave of titles, and The Eight was one of those! A peek at the flagship superhero series is finally here, and just like any good preview it gives you even more reason to pick up issue one for a much deeper look into the world of The Eight. Rashid’s artwork is top notch here as the first several panels are really gripping. One of the victims has been brutally beaten, and his face is massively swollen and just horribly disfigured. As each panel brings you in closer you get to see just how bad the damage is. What’s also great is that not only do we get good line work from Rashid, but Cutri’s colors enhance every single panel we get here. So there’s no worry about whether or not you’ll be getting a good looking series in The Eight. Now, what we do get in terms of dialogue is strong, but because of the length of the issue Rashid doesn’t get too deep into the story. Though there is enough to show some promise for the upcoming series and pique your interest.

The only thing that’s a drawback to this is the fact that it’s over pretty quick and we won’t be seeing the first issue until April. With that said, AHR Visions is giving this issue away to you for free! That’s right, just go to the site and download the issue for free! You’ve got nothing to lose and might even find something outside of your regular reading pile to get into and enjoy!

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