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February 2, 2014

Image Comics Reveiws: Five Weapons #6

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Written by: InfiniteSpeech
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FW6Five Weapons #6
Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Jimmie Robinson
Artist: Jimmie Robinson & Paul Little
Cover: Jimmie Robinson & Paul Little

Ever since we ran into Jimmie Robinson at NYCC 2013 and were shown some of the artwork for the upcoming issues of Five Weapons, I’ve been impatiently waiting for this title to make its return! Now that it’s here you might be wondering if the wait and constant badgering of my LCS owner was worth it. Let’s get down to business and find out then!

For anyone who may not have read the first story arc of Five Weapons, you’ll be pleased to know that Robinson does a fine job easing you into this issue with no problem. He sets up the role of the school along with introducing the established characters quite well, while at the same time throwing in new characters for the already initiated. Either way both types of readers are getting something new, and then he totally throws in an unexpected twist to a relationship that was touched on earlier in the series. I’m not going to give away spoilers here, but let’s just say that the real Tyler Shainline has now enrolled in The School of Five Weapons, and things are about to get very interesting.

Robinson also continues to handle the art with this series, and keeps it looking just as good as it’s written. He’s got so many unique character designs that your eyes will be entertained from panel to panel. Aside from that, there’s always  some humorous sign hanging in the school, and we even get to see my favorite “Don’t Be That Guy” warning sign. Helping make this book look as good as it does is Paul Little, who provides the colors that help bring a great energy to the look of Five Weapons.

Every reason you had to read Five Weapons before is still here, and the gap between the issues hasn’t hindered the story one bit! It’s still one of the better all ages titles on the shelf that you should be reading!

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