December 3, 2009

Marvel Previews: Uncanny X-Men #518

Uncanny X-Men #518 comes out today, so I thought I’d give it a quick pitch for those of you heading out to your LCS (Local Comic Shop) to see what’s new this week. If you didn’t read it already, check out the article I published yesterday about the events that transpired in the previous issue, Uncanny X-Men #517. It was crazy! After reading that, I’m psyched to see what happens next to the X-Men!


xmpr2xmpr3xmpr4xmpr5xmpr6Matt Fraction is quickly becoming THE X-writer of the new millennium and Terry Dodson’s art work is nothing short of smooth. Sure it’s nice to see Dodson replace Greg Land for a short while, but I thought Land did a solid job on issue #517. While scouring the racks today and seeing what’s new, try giving this X-book a read! For the full story, pick the series up beginning at issue #515!

Andy Liegl



  1. Got it in my bag now but havent read it yet. very glad to see dodson i needed a break from Land

  2. Jeff Jackson

    Hooray for Dodson being back on!!! I love how he drew Emma above, with the piece of the Void actually inside her diamond head rather than a mark on her forehead.

  3. billy

    I’m such a dope. I forgot to order this. Oh well, next time.

  4. I haven’t read it yet!


  5. Boy, when I see gorgeous art like this, I wish I could afford to keep up with the current comic scene…savvy layouts, incredibly smooth color choices and application…wonderful stuff.

  6. Awesome. Issue.


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