January 21, 2014

Image Comics Reviews: Rat Queens #4

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Written by: InfiniteSpeech
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RQ4Rat Queens #4
Publisher: Image
Writer: Kurtis Wiebe
Artist: Roc Upchurch
Cover: Roc Upchurch

There’s one thing that’s been quite noticeable since the first issue of Rat Queens, and that would be that it’s one of the best new titles on the shelves right now! Sure we’re only four issues in, but it’s been a much more rewarding read than many of these titles that are well into their hundredth or so issue, or just their hundredth or so reboot.

As Sawyer and Betty deal with the problems from last issue, there’s someone with a little unfinished business and they’re on the way to settle up with the Rat Queens. However, the girls are divided on whether it’s their responsibility to defend the town, but soon the decision is taken out of their hands altogether.

It’s almost criminal how fun Wiebe has made this series so far and the team as a whole. The relationship between the four ladies is one that seems more realistic than most other team books. Wiebe doesn’t have them get along or argue just for the sake of the story, but weaves in their differences to a point where everything just feels natural and organic. For the past couple of issues there’s been some strong words between the girls, but it’s also evident that regardless of what’s said they have each other’s back, and will slaughter anyone who threatens them. Wiebe also makes it very clear regarding the slaughter part, too. Now, when it comes to the humor it’s actually “laugh out loud” humor, and he hits the perfect beats each time. Some writers have to force funny into their books, but this is another fine example of just letting things develop and BE funny.

When Upchurch was announced as the artist for this book it was more of a reason for me to get it after seeing the awesome work he did with Enrique Carrion on Vescell. His style is his own, making this not only one of the better written titles out but one of the better looking, as well. He’s also another artist who I think utilizes his panels quite well just as much as he does the art inside of them. Roc also nails so many expressions here that he constantly syncs up with the narrative and enhances what’s going on. The “Shhhhh. Secrets.” panel is just one of many that display this.

Rat Queens has everything going for it to make it a top tier book in anyone’s collection. So if you talk to anyone who says that a female driven comic “can’t work” and “won’t sell,” then suggest Rat Queens and walk away knowing you’ve done your good deed for the day!

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