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January 16, 2014

BOOM! Studios Reviews: Imagine Agents #4

ImagineAgents_04_rev_Page_1Imagine Agents #4
BOOM! Studios
Writer: Brian Joines
Bachan & Ruth Redmond
Khary Randolph & Matthew Wilson

Now that Dapple is the size of a mountain and rampaging through the city things aren’t looking too good for the I.M.A.G.I.N.E. Agents at all. None of their weapons seem to work and to make things worse he’s got little Elliot held hostage in the giant palm of his hand. However this doesn’t mean that anyone is giving up as his mother is determined to save him even if she’s got to utilize the help of the greenest recruit the Agents have!

Much like how the series began, Joines and Bachan finish things off making sure you are completely entertained and having fun. The story just delivers on so many levels and throws in a few surprises as it goes along. An important one is that Joines reveals the reason Agent Slatern has issues with the figments and being that it ties directly into the villain here is a nice touch as well. There’s also just plenty of great dialogue here that keeps things moving at a great pace and dare I say that Agent Snowgoose steals the show? Yes, I dare say it! A great comic relief type character that isn’t over the top and annoying but funny because he’s being honest and true to his own character.

Bachan’s artwork and Redmond’s colors have been excellent since the series began so there was no doubt things would be any different here. Everything flows great and the slight color shift in flashbacks help them stand out even better. It’s also been a treat to see what new character designs we’ll get with the figments and The Guire was yet another standout character. Bachan killed it with the expressions which just put the narrative over the top whenever this character appeared. All in all, a very good looking book from start to finish of not only this issue but the previous three as well.

Whenever you get to the end of a mini series that’s been as fun as Imagine Agents has been it’s a bittersweet experience. On one hand you’re excited to see how everything comes together but you’re a might tad disappointed that it’s coming to an end. So do you hold off on reading this issue because you don’t want it to end? Nope! You pick up Imagine Agents #4 and dive right in and enjoy the ride you started with the first issue!

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