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January 15, 2014

Archaia Black Label Reviews: Moon Lake vol. 2

Moon-Lake-v2-GN-Cover1Moon Lake vol. 2 -Tpb
Publisher: Archaia Back Label
Writers: Dan Fogler, and others
Artists: Various
Cover: Nadir Balan & Lizzy John

This huge, 168 page monster anthology book contains just about everything you can think of in the horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genres! Creator Dan Fogler has a hand in all but one of the thirteen stories in this book, so basically it’s his baby! The wide array of stories does give any reader out there something to check out, especially the fantasy readers!

A few of these stories had some excellent fantasy artwork, providing a sense of wonder page after page when you read this book. Some of them could actually have no text, and still blow the mind. “Atlantis” was one of those stories, for sure. The scenes included the Pyramids of Giza, a volcanic eruption, and a page that included Yetis, dinosaurs, and aliens! With the same artist on the next tale, the visual nerdgasm will continue, for sure!

“Camp Sasquatch” is a funny story that presents a Sasquatch, of course, an extremely hairy woman, with some aliens thrown in for good measure! Another visual gem is found in the pages of the story “Spartacus Jackson,” an Indiana Jones type story that involves giant, deadly spiders!

More aliens, a “Superman” satire story, and a woman who’s a pack rat, are all inside the pages of this big book! Look for volume two of Moon Lake, from Archaia, on shelves now!





For more Moon Lake Vol 2 check out the interview with series creator, Dan Fogler here!

Billy Dunleavy




  1. Actually just ordered Vol 1 after reading this again over the weekend!

    • Awesome! I was pleasantly entertained by the weirdness contained in this book. And Dan Fogler brilliantly crafted it to appeal to such a big variety of readers.

      Into Horror? It’s in there. Into Sci-Fi? That’s there too. Fantasy? Superheroes? Adventure? Comedy? Drama?? All there my friends.

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