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January 13, 2014

New Paradigm Studios Reviews: Watson & Holmes #6

wh6preview-1-5c232Watson & Holmes #6
Publisher: New Paradigm Studios
Writer: Brandon Easton
Artist: N. Steven Harris & Jay David Ramos
Cover: N. Steve Harris & Jay David Ramos

One thing about this series that really sets it apart is that the cases worked on by Watson and Holmes aren’t flashy, high profile crimes. They don’t involve billionaire criminal masterminds, exotic European locations, or hyper kinetic action scenes. What we’ve been getting are those dark crimes that don’t find their way sensationalized on your local news channel. The type of  crimes that when talked about in detail make people shift in their seats and avoid eye contact. This story continues that trend as Easton delivers a tale of murder, sexuality, and the human slave trade that has Holmes and Watson seeking out the truth once again.

Easton puts together an intense mystery here that with all its twists and reveals is only made better by the solid dialogue throughout. The banter between Holmes and Watson is some of the best, and there’s a great scene where the two debate a politician’s contributions to Harlem weighed against his possible involvement in the crime. As more layers are revealed in Easton’s story, it’s easy to see how great his pacing is and how knowledgeable he is on the subject he’s writing. Which is solidified by his letter to the reader at the end of the story.

As well as the book is written, we’re treated to some strong visuals from N. Steven Harris. His panels are precise and look great with his use of perspective to add the necessary drama to the narrative. What also makes the art stand out are the colors by Jay David Ramos. From start to finish the art team does excellent work. Also, it was nice to see an artist draw Russian mobsters that weren’t wearing track suits. That’s just a played out and lazy trope if you ask me.

With Watson & Holmes #6 being another self contained issue, it’s safe to say it’s a very comfortable jumping on point if you are new to the series. Though I’d suggest starting at the beginning just because it’s such a solid series with the promise of only getting better.

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