January 12, 2014

Indie Reviews: Evil Jester Presents #1

EJ2Evil Jester Presents #1
Publisher: Evil Jester Comics
Writers: Various
Artists: Various
Cover: Richard P. Clark

The horror comics scene is not just alive and well, it is thriving. Case in point, Evil Jester Presents #1! This anthology book contains four rock solid stories, led by horror author Jonathan Maberry (Rot & Ruin, Doomwar). The first story, “The Box,” is an adaptation of a story, and wow, did it deliver. A spine-tingling tale of a family that ends up “starving” for each other’s affection.The second tale, “Swallowed,” involves a pet snake that takes revenge on her former owner…or does she? Thirdly, we get a story of an end of the world scenario, as a man retreats to the sewers to avoid an alien invasion. Last but not least, “Like Part of the Family” shows us that you might think you have the upper hand in a situation, but remember, don’t underestimate your opponent!

Wow, was this book impressive! The writing was very strong in all four stories, and will leave you feeling completely satisfied. Of course, each story will have a different effect on each reader, but overall, this book is a winner.

Artistically, the book was quite good, with varying styles, and each artist put their own stamp on the individual stories. In the first story, the artist (Beni Lobel) did a great job of illustrating an emaciated child. This was quite creepy, and was a perfect match for the writer. In the second tale, the snake was rendered beautifully (Esteve Polls and Esther Sanz) and colorfully. The last two were also solid, and made every panel relevant.

If you need a horror comic fix, get this book, because it delivers on every level. You’ll be blown away by the quality of this book! Oh, and the cover is super creepy, as well!



Billy Dunleavy



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