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January 13, 2014

Bento Bako Weekly: Hayate the Combat Butler volume 20

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Written by: Kristin
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hayate20Title: Hayate the Combat Butler
Author: Kenjiro Hata
Publisher: Viz Media (Shonen Sunday)
Volume: Volume 20
Vintage: 2009 by Shogakukan, 2012 by Viz Media
Genre: Comedy

The gang is up to their usual antics this volume. Going on ridiculously expensive trips and staying in ridiculously expensive places. Fighting over Hayate’s attention. Teasing Hina, Nishizawa, and Izumi about their feelings for Hayate. And so on, while Nagi does her best to just be noticed. Wataru and Saki are still in Las Vegas, with Saki embroiled in a gambling match against Wataru’s mother. Wataru’s mother intends to crush Saki at the gambling tables and take her son back home with her. Saki isn’t about to allow that, though, so she changes the game from poker to roulette to raise her chances of winning. Meanwhile, Nagi learns that not everything can be attained while you shut yourself away in your house. A very limited Blu-Ray edition of one of her favorite anime is only being sold through a special retail store, so Hayate takes her to the otaku  mecca of Akihabara. Nagi discovers the wonders of retail, and makes a possible new friend. That’s only a layover to the main story of this volume, which is a vacation to Mykonos. Izumi, Hina, Nishizawa, Risa, and Miki meet up with Hayate, Maria, and Nagi on the island, much to Nagi’s dismay. While Risa and Miki relentlessly tease Izumi about her feelings for Hayate, Hina and Nishizawa quietly discuss the butler on their own. Hayate of course tries his best to cheer Nagi up, but she’s disappointed her ‘private’ vacation with him has been ruined by her classmates. It doesn’t help that Hayate disappears in the middle of the day, and is gone for quite a while (if I remember correctly, he’s gone back in time to help a younger Nagi…or someone). In an effort to help Nagi have fun with her friends, Hayate organizes a small party for them. Of course, there can’t just be a normal, friendly little party in Hayate the Combat Butler. Nagi and Nishizawa find themselves in a vast ruin beneath the mansion. Hina and Hayate rush to the rescue, as a simple exploration turns into a life and death race when the labyrinth begins to collapse.

Well, it’s about everything you’d expect from a volume of Hayate, minus butler battles (well, I guess Saki gambling against Wataru’s mother is sort of a butler battle). Shenanigans, a little fan service, Nagi being an recluse, Nagi being an otaku, Nagi pouting over Hayate, Hina blushing over Hayate, Hayate being oblivious, outrageous expense, a wandering Isumi, and a little family mystery. As far as growth, well, Nagi is slowly, begrudgingly, accepting Nishizawa as a friend. Meanwhile Nishizawa and Hina are best friends, bonding over their secret feelings for Hayate. Wataru has an oddly immature mature moment while dealing with his mother (his heart’s in the right place, his words aren’t). As usual, there’s plenty of Nagi/Hayate angst. Another fun, goofy volume.




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