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December 20, 2013

BOOM! Studios Reviews: Imagine Agents #3

ImagineAgents-03-rev-Page-1-c5e9fImagine Agents #3
Publsher: BOOM!
Writer: Brian Joines
Aritst: Bachan & Ruth Redmond
Cover: Khary Randolph & Matthew Wilson

Dapple’s scheme for the figments and humanity is finally revealed as the Agents close in on his location. While we learn more about this, Joines weaves in a bit of our villain’s origin and shows us the motivation behind it all. This is where the story really picks up, as the evolution of Dapple is presented in a very precise flashback sequence. There’s also just the right amount of humor in here that you don’t forget that the characters are in danger and things are pretty serious. Though when Jones adds in the humor it’s pretty much perfection. From Furdlegurr and Rebecca being able to see each other, to Agent Snowgoose’s frustration in trying to explain the mystery behind the figments while sticking to agency policy. These are just a couple of the great character moments in this issue which is a step in the right direction. I’ll also add that the field manual is a great touch that brings you into the world of Imagine Agents as soon as you open the book!

Your eyes will say “thank you” while you’re looking at Bachan and Redmond’s artwork from start to finish! We’ve already seen some pretty interesting and fun character designs for the figments with more appearing here. It’s been pretty fun just going over the crazy combinations and really believing that they came from the imagination of a very young child. What’s also a nice touch is that it just doesn’t come off as cartoon-like craziness for the entire issue. There is a precise visual flow here when it comes to the storytelling, and once again the art team nails it!

With only one more issue to go it would be a shame for this not to continue later on in another volume. Imagine Agents is some of the most fun in comics today and you’d be doing yourself an injustice if you weren’t reading this! It should definitely be at the top of your read pile whenever it comes out, because the creative team behind it continues to bring an entertaining story with eye popping artwork issue after issue.

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