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December 2, 2009

Indy Gems: FVZA/Groo The Hogs of Horder/The Tick

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fvzaFederal Vampire and Zombie Agency
Publisher: Radical Comics
Writer:David Hine
Illustrator: Roy Allan Martinez
Painter: Kinsun Loh & Jerry Choo

This title came out some time ago, and I’m just now getting around to reading it. From the title alone one might be turned off from this mini-series, it does sound awfully cheesy. I tend to indulge in all forms of cheese so I added this series to my pull list; I found no cheese or camp present anywhere in this comic. What I got instead was a dark and surreal world where vampires and zombies are not simply creatures of myth or our nightmares, but rather flesh and blood and very, very real.  This series is jammed pack with superb artwork and great writing, a whopping 50+ pages of story and art for a mere $4.99. You might think that price tag is a bit steep, but remember Marvel charges $3.99 for a mere 20+ pages of comic. It’s only the first issue, but this series is going to be BIG, so I’d pick it up while you can!

grooGroo: The Hogs of Horder
Publisher: Dark Horse
Sergio Aragones
Writer: Sergio Aragones & Mark Evanier
Colors: Tom Luth
Letters: Stan Sakai

I grew up reading Groo comics from Marvel, so when I saw this mini in Previews I had to add it to my pull list. Upon reading the first issue, I was presented with the great familiar artwork and same old Groo; not much has changed for this barbarian in over 20 years. That my friends is a wonderful thing; there is the same great art and humor that drew me in 20+ years ago. For those of you who have never read a Groo comic, imagine a Conan type of character whose faithful canine companion is the brains of the duo. This issue finds Groo in search of work, and instead he brings only destruction and misery to those he tries to help.  This is a great lighthearted good read that everyone should pick up!

cover.inddThe Tick New Series
New England Comics
Writer: Benito Cereno
Artist: Les McClaine

The Tick, created by Ben Edlund, first was exposed to the world back in 1986, and ran for 12 issues until 1993. The Tick has seen a number of various series’ over the years, and even two television shows! One an amazing animated series, the other a short lived but awesome live action starring Patrick Warburton. I have been a huge fan of the big blue force for good and righteousness that is the Tick since I first heard him utter his battle cry “SPOON.” This new series is a more than welcome addition to my collection. It features the list of characters that I have grown to know and love, like American Maid, Caped Cod, Die Fliedermouse, Sewer Urchin, and even Barry! I instantly found myself in the same world that I loved; the new writers have a firm grasp on who the Tick is and how the entire Tick universe should be. I will keep this series on my pull list for a long time to come!

Scott Andrews



  1. Kristin

    Conan isn’t exactly brainy either (at least not when he’s portrayed by The Governator), so it’s not hard to imagine that a dog is the smart one. 🙂

  2. DecapitatedDan

    Alright you! I warned ya before not to be reviewing the books I am going to but you went and did anyways!

    FVZA is a fantastic issue that just make you want more. I double the recommendation to buy it. Plus you will see me review it in the future.

    Great Tick review too. I can’t wait to read it.

  3. Great write-up Scott!

    I’ve always seen Groo sitting on the shelves, but never gave it a whirl. Now that I know what it’s about, I think I shall remedy this.

  4. InfiniteSpeech

    I thought everyone has taken a peek at Groo Andy man are you behind lol But this is comin’ from the guy who has YET to pick up a Fables book ah well lol

    A new Tick book? well I just might have to grab that one…SPOOOONNN!!!!!

  5. Come to think of it..Besides the obvious fact that they’re both awesome, Tick and Groo have a lot in common.

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