November 30, 2013

Long Beach Comic Con 2013


Long Beach Comic and Horror Con was another con of the month of November and the last one for me this year. It was a lovely way to end a year filled with conventions. So let’s get right to what made for this to be a fun convention to end the year with.

101B6780These two were some of the first cosplay I saw when I arrived and I loved it so much.

101B6790I like it when I can see those horns in real life and go, “Yeah those are super intimidating, actually.”

101B6860Mystique would be the best cosplayer, wouldn’t she?

101B6970Looking like he just stepped out of the video games.

101B7020I think most of them are on the Naughty list.

101B6870Sadly, not a cosplayer.

101B6920Big daddy

101B6830The Devastator was on hand and they had a new issue out! Go get it!

101B7090Member of the Webcomic of the Month roster, Boston Metaphysical Society!

101B7060Abraham Lopez amongst his Haunted Arkham portraits.

101B7010My favorite part of last year’s LBCC, the Los Angeles Renegade Roller Girls!

With that we come to a close of Long Beach Comic Con, I had a lot of fun and look forward to returning for next year’s show. I hope you had fun checking out the pictures I got to take and hope that some of you may get to go next year.

Dr. Alexander Bustos



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