November 18, 2013

Marvel Reviews: Superior Spider-Man #21

Superior Spider-Man #21
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Guiseppe Camuncoli
Cover: Guiseppe Camuncoli

What you have to be careful of about Superior Spider-Man is that even when you think nothing is going to happen Slott will surprise you with the beginnings of a game changer. That’s exactly what happens in this issue here when Stunner comes to exact her revenge on Spider-Man for killing the man she loves, Doc Ock! The only problem is that she has no idea that the man she loves is “alive” and well in the body of Peter Parker. Though that may not be his biggest dilemma when the Goblin gets a hold of something that will introduce Spider-Man into a whole new world of problems. I guess someone should have warned Doc Ock about that good ol’ Parker Luck and just how bad things can get!

Slott continues to shake up the world of Spider-Man issue after issue, with the consequences slowly building up to what is sure to have disastrous results further down the line. What has also been great is how he’s fleshed out the continued struggle Octavius has with being a hero. Not only is he having to face Peter’s issues, but his own as a result of being one of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies. There’s also a really tense moment here that looked as if it would result in a Gwen Stacy like scenario for Otto that plays out very well, though the end result isn’t as dire. Slott even manages to make the dilemma of Peter acquiring his doctorate fun with the twist resolution, along with a nod to Back to the Future!

The artwork is solid throughout by Camuncoli that more than delivers the visual story. One thing that’s consistently great about his style is the “crazy eyes” he gives characters when things get intense. It’s just something that’s a personal favorite of mine whenever he’s on this title. And from the fast paced action scenes to some of the more calm moments, the entire art team stays consistent with making sure things look as good as possible.

Superior Spider-Man continues to be one of the better Marvel titles as Slott keeps delivering fun stories issue after issue. You’re also getting a strong rotating art team that gives you panel after panel of quality visual storytelling. It’s obvious Slott is building towards something big here, and for that alone you should pick this up. He’s shown that he has a lot more story to tell after killing off Peter Parker!

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