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November 10, 2013

Character Spotlight: Miss Martian

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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miss martian Teen_Titans_v.3_40A strange visitor from another planet! That phrase works better for M’gann M’orzz, also known as Megan Morse, a white Martian with a heart of gold. Not actually gold, it’s a metaphor, I state this since Martians may have metallic hearts, I don’t know. Those of you with some knowledge of DC comics’ Martians may be wondering how a white martian is capable of good. So how does a white martian, who looks like a green martian end up being a superhero? Let’s find out.

M’gann M’orzz hails from Mars, once the home of two warring races of Martians, white and green. M’gann, a white Martian, was sent away in a rocket to avoid this brutal war. She’d end up in the Vega system before finding her way to Earth. Learning of the reputation of white Martians on her arrival on Earth, M’gann took on the appearance of a green human and claimed to be another green Martian like J’onn J’onnz, the Martian Manhunter. She even goes by the name Miss Martian and makes a costume that looks like Martian Manhunter’s outfit.

Miss Martian

M’gann would take on the name Megan Morse and team up with the Teen Titans. During her initial membership, there is a traitor in their ranks and M’gann is believed to be it. M’gann is able to help the Titans when they learn that it was not M’gann but her accuser, Bombshell who was the traitor and joins in taking her down. M’gann would then be part of the team to get information from Bombshell, using her telepathy to aide and learns of a team of villainous Titans controlled by Deathstroke. Upon this being found out, Sun Girl who is a member of this Titans East, attacks and tells M’gann she is from a future where Martians are enslaved and that it is M’gann’s fault. Using the ocean itself, M’gann is able to douse out Sun Girl but is still shaken at the idea that her actions could ever have such consequences.

While on a trip to a possible future the Titans learn they take over the world and become dark leaders of this timeline. M’gann sees that she has embraced her white Martian heritage in this future and become an evil ally to the evil Tim Drake who has become Batman (I think he had a gun, cause evil Batman has a gun, right?) M’gann decapitates her future self, which when you do that to a telepath just means that mind is now in your mind as well. Way to go.


Upon returning to the present M’gann is trapped by the Terror Titans, ANOTHER villainous Teen Titans team, locked into a room with a brainwashed Kid Devil. Kid Devil is now effectively a mindless beast and M’gann’s telepathic powers are messed up due to Granny Goodness interfering. Thankfully, M’gann is good enough to break Kid Devil free of this and the two break out. Once they return to the Titans, M’gann decides to take time off from the Titans. She returns to the team later on after having played a double agent in The Dark Side Club and using her powers to break people free of Clock King’s control.

During the events of Brightest Day, Batman requests that M’gann contact Starman after he’d been kidnapped by Alan Scott, who was under the influence of the Starheart. M’gann is infected by the Starheart but is knocked out by Power Girl before she can wreck the team. While away from the Titans, M’gann is taken control of by a teenage psychic who uses her powers to gain control of Supergirl, Robin, and Blue Beetle. This all turns out to be a ruse that M’gann used to stop the powerful teen so that they could take down the teen.


Currently in the New 52, M’gann has only had a cameo in a background scene showing alien life. That’s it. The character got a level of popularity thanks to the Young Justice cartoon where she got a bunch of character development. That was a fun show and I miss having that Miss Martian. Here’s hoping you come back to us in a better time, M’gann.

Dr. Alexander Bustos




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