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November 6, 2013

Top Cow Reviews: Cyberforce #7

cyberforce07-1Cyberforce #7
Publisher: Top Cow
Writer: Marc Silvestri
Artist:  Marco Turini
Cover: Marc Silvestri

When you think your bad situation just can’t get any worse is when things usually do. So, after barely escaping with their captors at Cyber Data Industries, the team might have to go right back into the lion’s den as Ripclaw is knocking on death’s door. However, Stryker is dead set against letting Velocity make the run for the supplies needed to save their friend. Considering that the bad guys are very actively still on their tail also poses a problem. Though, deep within Cyberdata another problem has surfaced in the form of Killjoy. She’s dangerous, psychotic, and doesn’t care who she kills, and she’s on the hunt for Ripclaw to settle an old debt.

Every great conflict needs a wild card, and Killjoy is the perfect character for that. She never seemed like a team player in the past Cyberforce titles, so it’s nice to see her able to just cut loose here. Silvestri sets things up quite nice with a flashback where we get to see how the first mission with Ripclaw and Killjoy played out. As expected it goes to hell, and as the issue plays out we get to see how extremely savage she really is. Silvestri also gives Killjoy some of the best dialogue in the issue as she easily steals the show whenever she’s in a sequence. He also makes things interesting by throwing a shady character in the mix with the good guys. Elements like this seem to make things a bit more intense when the reader knows a little bit more than the characters in the story.

Turini’s artwork captures the action in the story very well, then shifts to creepy during the scenes in the present with Killjoy. The mood shift is very noticeable, but not abrupt to where you’re taken out of the moment. Which I’m sure is a big help from Andy Troy’s colors. Now, there are some times where things like the cybernetics look a bit rough, though I’m not sure if it’s the design concept or the artist’s execution of that design. Or it could be that it’s just going to take some time to get used to the new look of the various cyborgs.


This has been another fun issue that nods to the past but makes a strong effort to deliver something new for the fans. Cyberforce has always been one of the coolest teams in comics, and it’s good to see them back on the shelves! Their reintroduction has been one hell of a ride so far, and it’s one that you should get on board. Theirs is a very different 2013 than what we know, and things look to only get worse, but if the creative team keeps up the good work it’ll be fun to see if our cyborg heroes survive the experience!

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