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January 16, 2010

Inside Comics: The Beginning

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Written by: jeffbalke
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Jeff Balke picWell hello there. My name is Jeff Balke (a comic book colorist) and new columnist for ComicAttack.net. I’m going to be writing about the inner looks of comics and everything that comes with that. Well, most everything.

Inside Comics can go in many different directions when you hear the name and I’m pretty much going to be hitting on what you’re thinking about; how comics are put together, who does what, pricing, the “drama” of comics and also some personal experiences.

I broke into the biz about 4 years ago when I had found a little site called Myspace. At that time there were just under 90 million profiles. It was the biggest thing and everyone had it (I still do). I kept going back and forth on what I really wanted to use that site for. I had no clue until I saw a comic book artist on there posting his work (he requested I do not say his name..for now…hehe). So I thought what the heck, why not post some of my artwork up there to see what kind of response I get. I put up a couple of black and white pieces I drew and had a few people respond (nicely) to them including the comic book artist I’ve met. Then he asked me if I had any colored work. I said no, but right away colored my first piece (it was of was Spider-Man which I drew too).  I had many more responses to the colored piece than my regular artwork, so I just took that and ran with it and kept putting up more and more colored work.

FWF1Just about a year after I posted my colored work, I received an e-mail from someone who wanted to hire me to color a mini-series.  WHOO HOO!  I was stoked!  That series was Foxwood Falcons.  But with some technicalities, that mini didn’t work out.  So there is only the 1st issue of Foxwood Falcons I colored (including the Wizard World Exclusive cover) currently in existence.  From then on, I kept on networking and meeting more people.  That was one of my biggest goals; to meet and mingle with people in the industry.  So here I am today.  HONORED to be working the dream I’ve always wanted to do: working in comics.

The one thing for sure I can say is “DON’T EVER GIVE UP.”  Life is too short to just let your dreams go by without doing, or at least trying, what you want to do.  So just do it all now. You never know what can happen.

Stay tuned to my column later this January; I’ll be writing it on the last Saturday of every month. Thank you very much for the great welcome and I hope to see you all soon!

Jeff Balke