September 11, 2009

Marvel Reviews: Immortal Weapons #1 Review

IMW1 Publisher:  Marvel
Writer:  Jason Aaron
Artist:  Mico Suayan / Various artists
Cover: David Aja

“Book of the Cobra”: If you have not been picking up Immortal Iron Fist then you need to get to your LCS and give it a try! It’s been great for the past 27  issues and the arc that just wrapped up was one of the best I’ve read in a while! But for now Marvel is focusing on giving us some background on each of the Immortal Weapons that have shown up since the 7th issue. Ya see, Danny Rand isn’t the only one –  there are the Seven Cities of Heaven, and each one has their champion and each champion participates in a tournament to decide the time in which their city will appear on Earth.  Every weapon has their own style and skills, and Fat Cobra is one of the most deadly of them all.

Fat Cobra is enjoying his time in a massage parlor, and has just received a visit from the man he has hired to research and write his life story.  It’s apparent from the beginning that the writer has uncovered things about Fat Cobra that he doesn’t wish to share in mixed company, and attempts to politely not embarrass Cobra. Though at his constant urgings he begins reading the book.  Fat Cobra is over a hundred years old so you would expect his memory to be spotty at best, but it seems as if he’s crafted a different reality for himself than what’s actually true. Needless to say, he’s not happy about the beginning of the book, but urges the writer to continue hoping for things to get better. And they do actually – Cobra finds out that he was an Opera singer, soldier, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, football player, hero, and more.  And apparently has had more women than James Bond, Wilt Chamberlain, and Captain Kirk! Yes, he’s got some alien kids too!  However it’s the revelation that he was unsuccessful in his first attempt to beat Xiang Yao The Great Snake Dragon and become an Immortal Weapon that hits him almost as hard as another revelation he gets later on….no I’m not gonna spoil it for you!

Honestly I thought this was going to be just a filler type book until Iron Fist starts again, but Jason Aaron proved me wrong!  The story fleshed out the character  perfectly and I’m liking Fat Cobra even more now, flaws and all. And he’s got some big ones!  Mico Suayan handled the artwork for the present day sequences and captured the emotion of the book, while various artists handled the background art which is more action based. Usually I’m not a fan of the many artists doing one book thing, but here it fits fine and the styles didn’t jump around so much.

Not much to complain about with this one – even the 7 page backup story featuring Luke Cage and Danny was pretty good! Kung fu action with an all around good story…it’s a sleeper hit people so WAKE UP AND SMELL THE FAT COBRA!!

Infinite Speech



  1. I’ve only heard good things about this series from other sources too, so I’ll take your word for it!!

  2. billy

    I have been collecting the “Marvel Your Universe” and the Iron Fist books in there were great. Too bad the regular series got cancelled. I always heard people rave about it.

  3. The Movie Lady

    Smells good!

  4. InfiniteSpeech

    Well Billy the actual Immortal Iron Fist series is just put on pause for a few issues until Immortal Weapons wraps up according to Marvel. Hopefully they won’t go back on their word…like thats ever happened lol

  5. […] Spider’s Song”: After reading Immortal Weapons # 1 I was so excited to get this book and learn more about the next Weapon that I never considered the […]

  6. Aron White

    Hey, I don’t think IMMORTAL IRON FIST ever came back after IMMORTAL WEAPONS. That makes me sad. I really dug that book. Some of the endings they had were BADASS and left you drooling for next month’s issue. It just didn’t get any respect, I tell you!

  7. Yeah it seems like it man, there are too many plot lines hangin’ for them to do that too. The child of Danny and Misty Knight for one, I mean how can you just NOT bring the series back. Marvel is becoming the House of Broken Promises lol

  8. I know. I really liked the series. But I was the only one I knew of that read it around here. I tell you, man…people in Kansas don’t know what’s good for them! Buncha savages in this town. It’s a real tragedy if it doesn’t continue.

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