September 6, 2013

Black Mask Reviews: Twelve Reasons To Die #3

BTCover12rtdTwelve Reasons To Die #3
Publisher: Black Mask Studios
Writer: Matthew Rosenberg & Patrick Kindlon
Artist: Breno Tamura & Gus Storms
Cover: Ben Templesmith

As this issue begins, Starks is fencing with Filipo, who is trying to instill a few lessons on what it takes to become a Made Man. However, Starks is soon called away so his talents can be put to use to deal with an internal problem in the DeLuca family. Fast forward a few decades and Migdal is still in search of the rare records for his mysterious benefactor. Unfortunately for him he gets to see and experience first hand the effects of what happens when it is played.

Rosenberg & Kindlon continue to effortlessly mix a mob story, noir, and horror for your reading pleasure here in Twelve Reasons To Die. Taking what started in Ghostface’s hit album of the same name, and going much deeper for a richer narrative for the reader. Rosenberg and Tamura have done very well in establishing their half of the book, which is soaked in crime, violence, and sex. But in the midst of all this is something darker brewing as we see things coming together. From the decisions that Anthony is making to the creepy fencing mask and why it’s a prominent fixture, Rosenberg’s breadcrumbs are leading up to make one great meal!

There’s also some horror payoff in this issue as Kindlon & Storms show us the brutal demise of one of the record’s owners. The scene in the club was one of the best sequences in the book thanks to the artwork and how it moved the narrative. This sequence itself allowed for something completely different from the rest of the book artistically without detracting from the story. Definitely making this half stand on its own in terms of story and art.

Twelve Reasons To Die isn’t a title you can just jump into in the middle, and maybe a recap page would be nice for anyone who didn’t get the pleasure of reading the previous or first issue. Aside from that, Twelve Reasons To Die is a violent and gritty look at street level criminals that is a quite unpredictable and fun read. So if you haven’t done so I’d suggest starting at the first issue and giving Twelve Reasons To Die a look.

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