August 8, 2013

SDCC 2013 Part 2! Interview: The Aquabats!

Hey folks, sorry for the big delay on these interviews, the only thing busier than San Diego Comic-Con is the time after it! Thankfully these interviews keep longer than most other con coverage. I was lucky enough thanks to the folks at Shout! Factory to interview the superhero band, The Aquabats. You’ll notice Crash McLarson is missing from these interviews, I heard he was battling a giant creature in the waters outside. I was still able to sit down with MC Bat Commander, Ricky Fitness, Jimmy the Robot, and Eaglebones Falconhawk for some talk of toys and dinosaurs, the most civilized of topics one can speak on.

Comic Attack: We haven’t gotten new episodes of The Aquabats Super Show in several weeks, do you know when our long national nightmare will be over?

MC Bat Commander: We don’t, I think our national nightmare may be here to stay for a while. Sadly, we’ve written some new episodes and are just waiting for some word from the network. The Hub has been supportive of the show, obviously, but it’s tricky. Always tricky making TV shows.

CA: Can you give us a teaser of what’s to come in these episodes?

MC: I would like to. Let’s see, what can I say? We’re going to have some old school familiar villains from the past. May or may not show up. Trying not to reveal too much, there’s been an ongoing thread of a plot we’ve been doing, so more of that showing up and being revealed.

CA: Since you mentioned villains, what’s your favorite villain you’ve had on the show?

MC: I’m always a sucker for Cobra Man. I like Cobra Man a lot. I really like Eagleclaw too. I like the connection with Eaglebones. I think all the villains they are silly and stupid. It’s great.

CA: If you could have anyone person, living or dead as a guest on the show who would it be and who would they play?

MC: Bill Murray as my dad. I just want him to be my dad. I love my dad but it’s Bill Murray.

CA: I’m sure your dad would understand. Finally, you’re off to save the day, what dinosaur do you ride in on?

MC: I wouldn’t say a T-Rex cause it seems like a popular answer and they would be hard to stop, just hard to control. Like it would stop and shake you off and eat you. That’s a really good question, tough question. Pterodactyl! Let’s fly there. It’s terrifying. It’s a Terror-dactyl. Scare my enemies as I fly in. Yeah, let’s go with Pterodactyl.

Having finished my interview with MC Bat Commander I got to chat it up with Jimmy the Robot, Ricky Fitness, and Eaglebones Falconhawk.

Comic Attack: If you got some action figures of yourselves, what would you want them to do?

Ricky Fitness: I’d mine to come with a drum set that flies that shoots drum sticks.

Jimmy the Robot: I just want them to spit hot fire.

Eaglebones Falconhawk: I used to have this Darth Vader toy as a kid that would twist the light saber out of his arm. I want my figure to shoot lightning from the guitar like that toy.

Ricky: I’d also like it if my toy had one face that when punched would switch to another face.

Jimmy: Like that one He-Man figure?

Ricky: Awww, I didn’t make that up?

Jimmy: What about an action figure that would have a balloon with the face painted on and you could inflate it to be huge.

Eaglebones: That toy would break so fast.

Jimmy: It’d be eighty-nine dollars.

CA: What’s been your favorite villain on the show, thus far?

Jimmy: That’s like choosing ice cream flavors. They’re all pretty fantastic. I’d say vanilla bean for ice cream flavor and man, The Cactus. Everytime I see him, I laugh, and I’ve seen it a lot of times.

Ricky: I like Space Monster M.

Eaglebones: I’d have to say the Floating Eye of Death.

Jimmy: I’d also say Silver Skull, I know the guy who does the voice.

CA: If you could have any guest on the show, living or dead, who would it be and who would you want them to play?

Jimmy: Easy answer: Elvis, as the Rockabilly Baddie.

Eaglebones: I think I want a duo of Lee Ving and Jack Grisham, aging punk rockers.

Ricky: John Bonham, we’ll call him Cannon Calf.

Jimmy: What’s the name of Marty McFly’s dad? Crispin Glover, as Crispin Glover. He can play sinister enough.

CA: Finally, you’re off to save the day, what dinosaur do you ride in on?

Ricky: Tyrannosaurus Rex

Jimmy: Dinonychus

Eaglebones: Didn’t they discover a new dinosuar? Well, T-Rex, it’s a classic. It’s got a double meaning, there’s the dinosaur T-Rex then the band, T-Rex. Ride T-Rex with T-Rex.

Alright! One review down! Technically four! Thanks for sticking around for that. I wanna thank the Aquabats for being such great interviewees. I hope the show returns to television again soon, it’s a great show for kids and adults. See you next time readers. Who will the interview be next time? I don’t know! Get off my back! I’m sorry. That was out of line, I’ll make it up to you with another interview.

Alexander Bustos



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