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September 10, 2009

Dark Horse Reviews: Star Wars Legacy #39


Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: John Ostrander
Jan Duursema
Cover: Jan Duursema & Brad Anderson

“Tatooine” Pt. Three of Four: Well it’s 137 years after the Battle of Yavin, and the galaxy far, far away is still a pretty dangerous place to live. Especially if you’re  Pirate/Jedi Cade Skywalker, who is on the run from the Sith, Imperials, Bounty Hunters, and more importantly…himself. Now for the few that don’t know, Cade is what would happen if  Luke and Han got together and had a kid. He’s not your average Jedi trying to do right and save the galaxy. Due to a few unfortunate events in his life he’s a pretty pissed off guy that hates the Jedi and the Sith and just wants his money, women, and a good drink! Oh and did I mention he is addicted to Death Sticks – apparently other than being a narcotic they keep Luke from contacting Cade via the force. Or anyone else for that matter.

Well in this issue Cade is now the prisoner of Imperial Gunner Yage, all due to having a bit too much to drink and letting a pretty face get his lightsaber humming! The downfall of so many men! So now both of them are  in the middle of the Dune Sea after being ambushed by assassins who work for Black Sun, and trying to wait out a sandstorm. Luke does make an appearance, which must mean Cade has laid off the Death Sticks for a bit, and while helping Cade, pretty much pisses him off by making him see the truth about his destiny. While this is happening Cade’s best friend Jariah Syn bumps into Gunner’s partner, who happens to be Cade’s mom, and the two decide to go help out.

John Ostrander and Jan Duursema have been doing a damn good job and the issue is just another jewel in the series. The story moves the entire time and doesn’t have to rely on constant fights and action sequences to keep it interesting. The dialogue is well written and the personality of the characters has been kept pretty consistent. As an added bonus you get a plethora of Star Wars slang! Duursema captured the drama between Cade and Luke perfectly with the visuals and kept the intensity throughout.  Plus,  everybody loves a good lightsaber duel, even if it’s with a ghost!  Throughout the book the art is top notch and not much too complain about…except there was a picture of Luke and he looked like he had a mouth full of gumballs at one point while talking to Cade! I know it’s a minor issue but it stuck out!

One thing I really like about this series is that there isn’t a lot of flash back to familiar faces from Star Wars’ past. After 39 issues you’re allowed to be introduced to an entirely new group of beings and I think that establishing their stories is the most important. The only constant is R2-D2 and I actually haven’t seen him in quite a few issues. The only complaint I actually have is that sometimes it gets confusing when it comes to who is double crossing who. It happens a lot with such a huge list of characters and it gets a little convoluted. Other than that it’s been a consistently good 39 issues!

Till next time!

Infinite Speech



  1. That sounds amazing o_O Makes me wanna start readinf Star Wars comics again. Great review Infinite Speech!

  2. Jason

    Wow..I never thought I would say this but now I want to read a Star Wars Comic…my local comic peddlers thank you for making me think about adding yet another book to my pull list…

  3. InfiniteSpeech

    after so many hit and miss with Star Wars titles i was pretty hesitant to pick up even the zero issue but after the first 3 books i’ve consistantly stuck with it and haven’t missed an issue yet! Hell even the storm trooper issues are good!

  4. BladeMaster Dakk

    Legacy is amazing. Cade is such a cool interesting character that we really havnt seen in the Star Wars Universe. He’s constantly fighting his destiny cuz frankly, he just dosnt care sometimes. And even though its still the “sith trying to conquer the galaxy, and killing the Jedi” theme again it really feels new. With stormtroopers fighting stormtroopers and the new Sith Lord breaking the 2 Sith at a time rule and failing at life. and SOOOO much backstabbing. its ridiculous. And Deliah Blue is.. well.. need i say more? heh i dunno why im ranting.. ive yet to find anyone else who reads Legacy. lol good to finally talk about it. 😀 good article, Speech!

  5. InfiniteSpeech

    Thanks Dakk! I think anyone who has given up on Star Wars titles should grab some Legacy back issues and catch up!

  6. Kelly

    I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of this title. I’ve got a buddy who’s totally into Star Wars; I’ll totally recommend it to him after reading this review.

    Great review Speech!

  7. The Movie Lady

    Lol the downfall of so many men… speaking from personal experience? This series sounds great by the way. Nice review!

  8. InfiniteSpeech

    i’m pleading the fifth Movie Lady lol

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