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June 1, 2013

Webcomic of the Month! June: Awesome Hospital

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Anyone reading this, at some point or another, has been in a hospital. They are usually of two moods – bland with repetitive beeping, or loud and panic inducing. Either way, hospitals are rarely awesome, but this month’s Webcomic of the Month fixes that. Awesome Hospital is a series with stories by Chad Bowers and Chris Sims, art by Matt Digges, and lettering by Josh Krach. The series has a wild assortment of doctors and administrative staff with some of the strangest diseases around. It’s currently on indefinite hiatus, so that means you have a chance to catch up. Why should you? Well that’s what I’m hear to sell you on, isn’t it?

Seriously, Space Baby is the best name.

Seriously, Space Baby is the best name.

Awesome Hospital is the place you go when you have ailments that are just too awesome for your regular hospitals. Need to get a disease rocked out of you? Have you been hit by a death ray and are still standing? Go to Awesome Hospital. The series has a staff like that of Dr. Dirtbike, a surgeon who rides a dirt bike (Duh); Dr. Space Baby (who may have the greatest name of all time), a future baby who has joined us to solve illness with the cutest widdle speech impediment; Dr. Guitar Solo and Nurse Punk Rock; Dr. Robot; and most important to me is the Chief of Staff: Santa Claus, M.D. This is what Santa does when he isn’t delivering gifts to children all over the world.


Besides the assortment of doctors, there is also just the wonderfully absurd world they live in. If this were a daytime soap opera, I’d totally watch it because it has so many awesome jumps in it, and the plots are fun and get very involved. Whether it be when the hospital must merge with WeakAss hospital and all its doctors, or the time traveling perils of saving lives and timelines. The series is a lot of fun and you can catch up with the whole thing in a few hours. It is on hiatus, but I am still holding out for more, and you should join me in this vigil. I’d also be fine if we were to learn of other Awesome style practices such as Law or Car Wash, as I’d heard on War Rocket Ajax, the podcast that Chris Sims co-hosts.

All dogs should be issued a skateboard at birth. Would the abundance make it less special? NO.

All dogs should be issued a skateboard at birth. Would the abundance make it less special? NO.

If you like silly but radical stories with great visual gags, as well as sharp writing, give Awesome Hospital a look. It can always bring a smile to my face just looking at a single page. I guess this is when I’ll make the obligatory “it’ll cure what ails you” line, so there. I did that for you, so you can go look at the comic for me and everyone who made it.

Guitars make for wonderful bedside manner, sometimes.

Guitars make for wonderful bedside manner, sometimes.

Yes, that's an Astro-Harness.

Yes, that’s an Astro-Harness.

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