May 27, 2013

Marvel Reviews: Superior Spider-Man #10

SupSpidey10Superior Spider-Man #10
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Ryan Stegman
Cover: Marcos Martin

After fully removing Peter Parker’s psyche from his mind, Doc Ock is free to pursue his quest to be a better Spider-Man than Peter ever was. Though while he’s cleaning up the streets it seems like forces are rallying for something big, and Ock is going to have his hands full real soon. As we’re taken deeper into Slott’s story we see that Doc Ock’s singular vision of being a better Spidey is having severe consequences. In particular, the criminal element has noticed his actions, and plans are being made to take him out. This is where the story shines, as these instances are peppered throughout the issue getting us ready for what’s to come.

Slott also has effectively moved Ock/Peter to a new relationship that better suits his current personality. It’s this relationship that also humanizes our villainous hero, making it hard to see him as just the bad guy. Having him in this grey area complicates some things, because we’ve seen what Otto is capable of when he actually cares about someone, and that was before he took over Parker’s body. There’s also the mystery element of the story being built up as those in Parker’s life have been noticing the change in his behavior and have begun to put some pieces together. If it’s too little too late we’ll have to wait and see what Slott has in store for readers

While we’re getting a great story in this issue, Ryan Stegman brings it together with very strong visuals. Honestly, there’s also no one who doesn’t appreciate a great splash page with Spider-Man swinging through New York City. Though aside from that he syncs up quite well with Slott’s story, moving it along at a great pace. His Green Goblin has been slightly updated since the original, but he maintains that creepiness the character always carries. He also brings out the personality change, like showing Spidey drinking tea on the roof top with his pinky out. Delgado’s colors bring it all home making this one great looking book.

Whatever your opinion of Slott’s direction of Spider-Man, one thing we can all agree on is that this is one wild ride! This is also a direction that is entirely new and uncharted, so for that he should get kudos. Fans asked for something new and we have it, so if you can see and respect that then maybe you’ll have as much fun with this title as many others are!

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