May 21, 2013

Marvel Reviews: Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #23

UCSM23CVRUltimate Comics: Spider-Man #23
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Aritst: David Marquez
Cover: David Marquez & Justin Ponsor

His father severely hurt, his mother dead, and all because of his encounter with Venom. A year has gone by and Miles has not put on the costume, having given up his life as Spider-Man to live as “normal” as possible. With this time jump Bendis delivers a very quiet and emotionally intense issue that is exactly what this title needed to slow things down. This is the kind of character driven story that works because everyone has been fleshed out so well earlier in the series. We have Ganke and Jessica wanting Miles to “get back on the horse,” with each coming from a different viewpoint. Both conversations bring about some really good moments and questions about the future of Spider-Man and Miles Morales. Bendis really brings this whole thing home with the conversations with Miles and his father. These are some of the most natural and fluid exchanges between a father and son that I’ve read in a while.

David Marquez can do NO wrong in this series, and continues to make this look fantastic! The very first panel with Miles is a powerful opener and sets the tone. The pain, confusion, and feeling of loss is all there on his face, and Marquez nails it. What’s also evident is that since a year has passed, Marquez also ages Miles and his friends slightly but doesn’t overdo it like we see other artists do with teenagers. He’s not some super buff 14/15-year-old kid. Marquez keeps his features natural with normal proportions. There’s also Miles’s father who doesn’t look as healthy and in shape as he did before the accident. The small details like this really help to move the story and give it a more grounded feel that helps to connect with the emotional script. Ponsor also just brings everything together with the colors and takes what Marquez has done to another level.

When people complain that Bendis writes “too much” dialog, it’s like complaining that Michael Jordan was too good of a basketball player. Bendis writes some of the best dialog out there, and since this issue is mostly that, I’m glad he’s this good. This is another stellar issue in a series that you should be reading!

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  1. James

    Awesome REVIEW!!!! Just read it this morning and I couldn’t have given a better summary!!!! The only disappoint is that I gotta wait until June 19th!!!! #ILoveThisBook

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