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May 31, 2013

Cosplayer Spotlight: J. Lance


Hello, and welcome to Cosplayer Spotlight! Today I would love to bring your attention to a cosplayer named J. Lance! He’s a relative new comer to the cosplay scene, but his works are quite stunning. He was nice enough to answer some questions about life as a cosplayer.

ComicAttack: Tell us a little about who you are in life, and what you do with your time?

J. Lance: My name is J. Lance Moose, I am a gamer (former world record holder), clothing designer, sports addict, and all around nerd.  I watch more TV than should be legal for one human being not living in their parents’ basement.  When I’m not thinking of new costumes to create, I have a sports talk radio show called “Final Buzzer” on the “Cazador Radio Network”.  I can out debate any sports fan, but don’t let my sports fandom fool you, I’m your typical loner nerd who was a late bloomer and still have a tendency to be socially awkward.


CA: What was it that got you hooked as a fan?

JL: I have always been more of a TV/Movie/Gamer nerd rather than a comic book fan.  Being the artistic type I never had time to read comic books as a kid, I was more likely drawing or creating things while X-Men or Batman was on the TV in the background.  Even today I never “read the book” before seeing a movie since I’m more of a visual person.  When someone suggests a character that I may be interested in, I’ll watch the show they are in or read up online before actually picking up a comic book.

CA: Which cosplays do you believe to be your best? How many different characters would you say you’ve portrayed over the years?

JL: I am still a bit of a noob in the cosplay world so I haven’t done that many.  But my best by far is my steampunk scarecrow.  That one combines everything that I love about costuming and really shows where I excel.  Plus other than being hotter than hell, it’s fun to wear a costume that creeps out half the people I encounter.

CA: Which Cons have you attended in character? Which do you think is the most appealing for cosplayers?

JL: I have attended Wondercon, San Diego Comic-con, Wizard World, Megacon, and Comikaze in costume.  All have their pros and cons for cosplayers attending, but I loved seeing all the cosplayers congregating out front of the Anaheim convention center each day at Wondercon this year.

CA: Ever had any awkward encounters with fanboys or fangirls while in costume?

JL: One of the first girls to ever like my fan page became a fan after I went to a My Little Pony art event in Hollywood.  I later saw her at Comikaze and of course I recognized her because she was one of my first fans when I had almost none.  When I first saw her at Comikaze I was actually out of costume, but she still recognized me.  She was stopped dead in her tracks with her friends and INSTANTLY started acting shy and sheepish and hid behind her friends.  I walked over and said hi, but all she could do was awkwardly look away and continue to hide behind her friends.  The next day I saw her again, and one of her friends asked for a picture with me (in scarecrow).  I was a bit surprised when my fangirl was the one taking the picture, and afterwards just awkwardly bowed to me and mumbled something before shuffling away.  It was adorable.


An even better story was this year at Wondercon.  I was roaming the con floor by myself when in the distance I saw someone dressed up as Ragdoll from the Secret Six (I debuted my Ragdoll at Wondercon the year before).  I walked over and told the cosplayer that I enjoyed her interpretation of the character and love seeing other people dressing up as such a unique and obscure character.  When she asked if I had dressed up as Ragdoll I showed her a picture of me in my costume.  I watched as she looked at the pic on my phone and her eyes got huge as she looked at me and said “oh my god, it’s you!”  I was a little confused until she explained that she had seen pictures of me as Ragdoll the year before and that my pics encouraged her to do her version.  She was still giddy as she asked if she could give me a hug and get a picture.  Later she posted the picture with the caption “This is the best Ragdoll cosplayer I have ever seen, having complimented my own cosplay. I fangirled a bit.”
Neither of those were REALLY awkward, except I’m still getting used to the idea of having “fans” or “fangirls.”

CA: Do you make all of your costumes?

JL: I do make all of my costumes.  On occasion I may ask a friend with some help on a piece of my costume or may ask for advice or tips on how to make something, but 99% of what you see me wearing is either made or modified by me.  Having gone to fashion design school helped me to be able to make my own costumes.  Some people don’t believe that I make all my own stuff when they see the quality of my work and hear that I’ve only been cosplaying for a year, but that design experience was just wasting away until I started cosplaying.

CA: What’s the best experience you’ve had while in costume?

JL: The best experience I’ve had in costume has more to do with the people that I encounter or the friends I cosplay with.  Hanging out at a convention with friends is always fun, but when people want pictures with you, it just makes it a little more awesome.  I’ve had people of all ages come up to me and ask for a picture with me while in costume.  I’ve had people tell me that my stuff is “the best I’ve seen at this con” or specifically “the best scarecrow I’ve ever seen!!”.  

But what is really cool to me is when someone that inspired your costume is a fan of your work.
My biggest fan and supporter is voice over actor Dino Andrade.  Dino has done many voices in video games and cartoons, but I knew him from his work as Scarecrow in the Arkham Asylum video game.  That version of scarecrow had a BIG impact on how steampunk scarecrow turned out and I got the opportunity to show it to Dino at SDCC last year.  Since then, I get the biggest reactions and the most support from Dino.  We have a mutual fandom of each other’s work and have become good friends in the process.

CA: If you could portray any character, regardless of cost or logistics in creating the costume, who would it be? Why?

JL: There are many costumes I would like to attempt, but above all I would love to make a 100% screen accurate version of Loki’s costume in The Avengers.  The construction of that costume is so complex and every detail would be a joy to create.  I’ve also been told that I resemble Tom Hiddleston at times and he could be my doppelganger, so that’s just a little more incentive.

CA: What are you currently reading/watching that you’re really into?

JL: Since The Walking Dead is over for this season, I don’t have anything that I HAVE to watch each week, though I’ve been watching the newest eps of Archer and am waiting for the next season of South Park to air.  I’d love to get my hands on a copy of Hellsing so I can study up on Alucard for when I make his costume.
CA: Any let downs you read/watched recently? Anything that took you by surprise?
JL: You know….because I don’t read the books that movies are based on, I never go into a theatre expecting anything specific.  I also usually watch movies or TV shows purely for their entertainment value.  I hate hearing people complain about movies or shows because they didn’t stick to the exact story that they read in comics or novels….not necessarily because I disagree with them, but more-so because those people can’t just enjoy what they are seeing.

CA: What cons are you planning to hit in the following year?
JL: This year I hope to make it to SDCC, and Comikaze.  I may pop in to Anime Expo for a day just to check it out, and would really like to make it to Phoenix Comicon or Dragon Con.  But we’ll see what this year brings.

CA: You’re off to save the day; what dinosaur do you ride in on and why?

JL: Do you remember Dino Riders?????  Pretty much ANY of those dinosaurs I think I’m good with riding in on.


There you have it folks! I want to thank Lance for taking some time out to talk with me. I hope you folks like his stuff and make sure to Like his Facebook page and spread any pictures you take of him on the next con floor you see him!

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