April 30, 2013

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 04/24/13

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Written by: Arnab
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A+X #7 (Marvel)
Yost writes a pretty hilarious Iceman and Thor story where (get this) Iceman DOESN’T SUCK! I know! I was shocked too!

Avengers Arena #8 (Marvel)
Jeff: I have no idea what happened to Apex, but this book is full of awesome moments!
NickZ: I can’t even tell you how great this book is. It’s so different than anything else out there.

Batman Inc. #10 (DC)
Arnab: Rha’s al Ghul laughing at Talia was hilarious. A
Dr. Bustos: The al Ghul family has become even more fascinating with seeing them respond to the death of a member. A
NickZ: This book continues to get crazier and crazier! Dick and Tim looked horrible. When bad art happens to good characters.

Batman: The Dark Knight #19 (DC)
Arnab: The Mad Hatter kills a fuckton of people. B+
NickZ: A great read for Mad Hatter fans, not so much for Batman fans. Batman feels off in this book.

Before Watchmen: Comedian #6 (DC)
NickZ: As the final Before Watchmen book I’d say this series was not bad. It was very political, but Comedian fans will dig it.

etobab 4Deadpool #8 (Marvel)
Dr. Bustos: I like how the gimmick of last issue is the catalyst for this adventure. B+
NickZ: Only in a Deadpool book can you go from killing zombie presidents to collecting debts for a demon.

Deadpool Killustrated #4 (Marvel)
Arnab: Deadpool kills everyone you wish you could have back in high school lit.
Deadpool and Sherlock Holmes face off in the crazy conclusion to Killustrated.

End Times of Bram & Ben #4 (Image)
Arnab: Much like the rest of this mini-series, this issue was hilarious. A
This ended up quite disappointing. If you’re going to make fun of religion, at least be smart about it.

Fantastic Four #7 (Marvel)
Jeff: This book is like Doctor Who starring the Fantastic Four. I love this premise!

FF #6 (Marvel)
Dr. Bustos: The page with Tong and family was worth the price alone. A
Jeff: Great job in keeping the art similar! Joe Quinones is a great compliment to Allred.

The Flash #19 (DC)
Arnab: In case you were wondering, Barry Allen is still badass without powers. A
Dr. Bustos: Barry was so interesting when he had to be a gadgeteer instead of a speedster. A

gambit 11Gambit #11 (Marvel)
Arnab: Rogue seriously needs to get a life. We get it, she loves Gambit. I wish, she’d get it and f’n stick to it. A-
Dr. Bustos: Fence is becoming the most interesting character in this book. B-
Jeff: As much as I like Clay Mann’s and Paco Medina’s work separately, putting them together like this was a bad idea.
NickZ: Rouge shows up to ruin Gambit’s fun and play more into their passive aggressive non-relationship that I am so over.

Guardians of the Galaxy #2 (Marvel)
Jeff: Still don’t like Iron Man being in this book. But I like this initial story so far!

I Love Trouble #5 (Image)
Jeff: Mark A. Robinson’s work is so. freakin’. good. Each page is a sight to behold!

Invincible #102 (Image)
Dr. Bustos: That seemed really fast and sudden, the whole issue. C
NickZ: Major changes take place in this issue. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

prv16258_covManhattan Projects #11 (Image)
Arnab: This was my favorite issue of the series to date. A

The Mighty Skullkickers #1 (Image)
NickZ: This book is consistently the most crazy/hilarious book out there! If you are not reading it, shame on you.

Morbius The Living Vampire #4 (Marvel)
NickZ: I really like Morbius and I want to like this book but it’s really boring. I will give it a few more issues.

Morning Glories #26 (Image)
Jeff: Dropped.

New Avengers #5 (Marvel)
Jeff: This issue was a lot of exposition without much actually happening.

Rachel Rising #16 (Abstract Studios)
Jeff: Dangit! Another creepy priest!

Scarlet Spider #16 (Marvel)
NickZ: The cover is genius and the story inside is pretty funny. This book has it all.

Superman #19 (DC)
NickZ: Clark fantasizing about Lois in a Wonder Woman costume! PRICELESS!

superman19Talon #7 (DC)
NickZ: This series has never been better! Batman fans need to read Talon, period!

TeenTitans #19 (DC)
Arnab: This book has entered crazy town. Shit makes no sense left and right and Tim Drak is a major douchebag. C
I am no longer feeling this book. The new 52 is killing Tim Drake for me.


Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #22 (Marvel)
Dr. Bustos: Awwwwwwww, there’s the tragedy to springboard this or end it. C+
Jeff: No! Not the mama!!!

Uncanny Avengers #7 (Marvel)
NickZ: Okay, this series is getting epic. I guess is was a slow burn but I am totally on board now!
Jeff: Wasp is such a skank.

Uncanny X-Men #5 (Marvel)
Arnab: The word awesome comes to mind. A
NickZ: Best line of the week: “Scott Summers dropping the mic on the Avengers like it’s 8-Mile”
Jeff: I thought I might not like the art changes, but good God, Frasier Irving made this issue EPIC!

Wolverine & the X-Men #28 (Marvel)
Dr. Bustos: This has my favorite Wolverine moment, ever. There’s a T-Rex involved. A
Jeff: This arc was so disappointing both story-wise and art-wise.
NickZ: Glad to see the kids working together, reminds me a lot of Generation X’s early days.

ya 4X-Termination #2 (Marvel)
NickZ: This was the WORST X-Men X-Over EVER.

Young Avengers #4 (Marvel)
Arnab: So much awesome happens in this book. That Noh-Varr spread? Flippin’ awesome! A
NickZ: I like this book but I wish it was as good as the last Young Avengers incarnation.



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