May 22, 2013

Dark Horse Reviews: B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth #106

B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth #106
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writers: Mike Mignola & John Arcudi
Artist: Peter Snejbjerg (cover by Dave Johnson)
Colors: Dave Stewart

When last we saw Director Iosif, he was attempting to keep a recording going that was the only thing stopping Varyara from calling her demon friends to come and set her free. Well, bad news for Iosif. He didn’t get the job done. Some good news, though; Agent Giarocco saved his backside, and along with the pilot found the recording device and fixed it. Of course, Varyara is long gone now, but at least Iosif is alive. Agent Giarocco seems to have a bit of a death wish, or maybe she just feels a huge amount of loyalty towards Iosif because he saved her and the other agents with her a while back. Either way, Iosif tells her that things have worked out so far, but don’t expect that going forward!

Another solid issue from Mignola and Arcudi. Seeing Iosif in a state of suspended animation was great, as he looked dead at first glance. Not that he should be killed off, but for that quick moment, thinking he was dead at the hands of Varyara was quite exhilarating. The dead that were possessed were also a nice touch. When they attacked Agent Giarocco and the pilot, it was a great scene. Obviously the zombie market is saturated right now, but these were of a different kind. There still seems to be something fishy about Iosif, but for now he’s the only one that actually has a clue as to what the next move might be for the team.

Peter Snejbjerg has filled the gap that was left by the last artist admirably. How Dark Horse does this, who knows, but you can pick up any issue of BPRD, and they all look uniform as far as the art goes. When you throw in Dave Stewart on colors, Dave Johnson on the cover, and wrap it all together, you get great work that leaves an impression on you.

Hopefully BPRD will keep rolling for years to come, and they have the library of characters to do just that! You still have the Black Flame running around, along with all the hellish beasts that were released back in the day by Liz Sherman’s crazy fire burst. This doesn’t even take into account the other series going on right now, BPRD Vampires. Another cool series that spun out from BPRD 1948. Do yourself a favor and pick up a BPRD book on a Wednesday soon, and enjoy the spectacular universe that Mignola and the other creators have birthed! Rating 4/5

Billy Dunleavy



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