April 7, 2013

Kickstart Your Week #1!

Kickstarter has been around for four years now, so if you’ve never heard of it here’s a quick explanation. People have dreams, people need money to make those dreams come true, so people create Kickstarters. These are pages where they explain their goals and ask the general public to help make their dreams come true by way of donations, usually coupled with awesome rewards.

So basically I’ll be here a couple times a month to spotlight some particularly kick ass projects.

First up, we’ve got: Ashes.

Ashes is the story of a Brooklyn firefighter who suffers a grievous injury during a call that brings his budding career to a screeching halt. As he struggles to overcome various obstacles thrown his way, he learns who his real friends are and just what he really is made of.

I recently came across this Kickstarter campaign and my interest was immediately piqued. Mario Candelaria and Karl Slominski have a great looking project here with Ashes, a graphic novel about a hero. Superheroes are great. They let readers delve into a fantastical world where anything is possible. This story isn’t about superheroes, it’s about real heroes, people who risk their lives on a daily basis to make sure the rest of us are safe. Admittedly, that’s a huge part of why I backed this book.

Ashes is about 65% to its goal. They’ve got some great incentives that range from a digital version of the complete book, a hard copy of the complete book, to even having a character drawn in your likeness! I pledged at the $40 level for a physical copy of the book as well as a minor character drawn to my likeness!

Here’s a preview of the cast:

They’ve also got an 18 page preview right on their page that looks great, so check it out!

Arnab Pradhan



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